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Nutritionist Tips to LOSE

Menu from a nutritionist

The cost of ONLINE nutritionist consultation is 100$ 

Contact WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436

How to get ONLINE nutritionist consultation

You can be in any country in the world

Check out the information

1. Browse this page

Pay for consultation

Agree on money transfer options through WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436 with Alex Berg

Getting primary information

1. After payment you will receive a WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436. application form. Fill it out and send it to us to draw up your individual profile
2. We will send a video with a step-by-step Basic weight loss system 

Individual setting

1. After reviewing the Basic Weight Loss Scheme, you will be contacted by WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436 nutritionist Alex Berg
2. The nutritionist will analyze with you all the stages of your Individual Weight Loss Program. How can you follow the recommendations 

Weight Loss Program

1. Begin to implement the detailed plan of the Individual Weight Loss Program.
2. Observing ALL stages - movement, nutrition, drinking regimen, sleep 

Slimming guarantee

The closer to the Basic Weight Loss Scheme, the better the result

FOLLOW ONLINE consultation of the Dietologist of WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436

FOLLOW ONLINE consultation of the Dietologist of WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436

Who needs a nutritionist consultation 

Proper weight loss   

 losing weight will help you lose weight


REASONS - motionless way of life. Malnutrition
CONSEQUENCES - overweight, lethargy, illness, insomnia
EXIT - individual weight loss program will help you lose weight
RESULTS - losing weight will help you lose weight 

A nutrition program will help you lose weight


REASONS - each person is individual
CONSEQUENCES - big weight, illness, depression, problems in personal life
EXIT - consultation of a nutritionist. Drawing up an individual weight loss program
RESULT - A nutrition program will help you lose weight. Compliance with diet maintains ideal weight 

Похудение для домохозяек в Бишкеке диетолог Алекс Берг


REASONS - uniform load. Moral fatigue. The work of the cook. Life
CONSEQUENCES - overweight, frequent depression, insomnia, illness, irritability
EXIT - advice from a nutritionist. What to change in housework, in nutrition, in relations with loved ones
RESULT - a power plan will help you lose weight at home

 ideal weight and development of the child


REASONS - gadgets, sedentary lifestyle, carbohydrate nutrition
CONSEQUENCES - a constant increase in fat mass. Disruption of the hormonal background. Boys turn into girls. 82% of overweight girls will not be able to get pregnant
EXIT - urgent consultation of a nutritionist. Change in nutrition and selection of physical activity. The whole burden of saving children rests with the parents
RESULT - proper nutrition and physical activity will restore the ideal weight and development of the child. You will have a chance to see your grandchildren

you will live a student life without gaining excess weight


REASONS - unbalanced lifestyle, unhealthy diet, night wakefulness
CONSEQUENCES - weight gain, depletion of the nervous system, future diseases are laid
EXIT - consultation of a nutritionist. Once and for all deal with food. Prohibited, permitted food. Daily regime. How to implement all this in real student life
RESULT - you will live a student life without gaining excess weight 

Illnesses will go away or health will improve greatly

YOU over 30 

REASONS - after 30 years, it is necessary to radically change eating behavior and motor activity every 10 years
CONSEQUENCES - if you do not make changes in life after 30 years, then from 40 begins a period of old age and illness
EXIT - the dietologist will tell you what changes need to be made, when and how
RESULT - maintaining the quality of life. Increase in life for 15-25 years. Illnesses will go away or health will improve greatly 

quickly lose weight at home by 5 - 7 kg per week

Lose weight fast 

REASONS - you have an important event, a wedding, a performance, a competition, a trip. Do you need to quickly lose 5-7 kg?
CONSEQUENCES - you cannot do it yourself. Even if you don’t eat at all for a week, so much will not go away
EXIT - turn to sports nutritionist Alex Berg. You get a scheme of sports "drying" - quick weight loss
RESULT - quickly lose weight at home by 5 - 7 kg per week 



REASONS - You lead a healthy lifestyle. Without power correction, this is not effective
CONSEQUENCES - proper nutrition 80% success in healthy lifestyle
EXIT - a one-time consultation of a nutritionist in Bishkek will help to understand the menu for life
RESULT - HLS, correct weight loss, ideal weight. Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

fat burning. A set of muscle mass


REASONS - you go to the gym, sports section, but the results are small or none at all
CONSEQUENCES - fat does not go away and muscles do not grow. The figure is the same
EXIT - change power and correct loads. A sports nutritionist will select an individual diet and exercise scheme to achieve the goal
RESULT - fat burning. A set of muscle mass. Running sports nutrition schemes from a sports nutritionist 

PREGNANCY You won’t have to lose weight after giving birth.


REASONS - you are no longer alone, and you can’t eat as before. A special diet for pregnant women is needed
CONSEQUENCES - mother's overweight up to 40 kg, Improper child development - future health problems
EXIT - the nutritionist draws up a nutrition plan from the beginning of pregnancy to childbirth
RESULT - Do not overweight. You won’t have to lose weight after giving birth. Normal development of the child 

Healthy development of a child without disease

Nursing Mothers

REASONS - malnutrition during childbirth
CONSEQUENCES - excess weight, pulls on sweet and starchy foods. Fatigue, irritability. Fat interferes with life
EXIT - the nutritionist will draw up your understandable and healthy diet for losing weight and feeding your baby
RESULT - maintain your ideal weight. Healthy development of a child without disease 

The most productive life span


REASONS - age over 50 ... old age on the threshold
CONSEQUENCES - disease, overweight, no strength, no one needs, no meaning to life
EXIT - nutritionist advice in the field of healthy nutrition and movement will help to organize an active lifestyle
RESULT - active old age. Comfortable and interesting life up to 90 - 100 years, without illness and with a clear mind. The most productive life span 

Lose weight for medical reasons

When being overweight threatens health, life, and beauty



REASONS - recovery after surgery, illness, treatment
CONSEQUENCES - impaired metabolism. Health loss
EXIT - advice from a nutritionist. Proper nutrition on medical "tables". Necessary and sufficient physical activity.
RESULT - quick recovery and rehabilitation after illness. 2-3 times faster than usual 



REASONS - poor nutrition, lack of exercise, genes
CONSEQUENCES - arthritis, arthrosis, autoimmune diseases, joint diseases
EXIT - the nutritionist will correct the lifestyle. Step-by-step recommendations for a healthy diet and exercise.
RESULT - relief in 2 months 



REASONS - carbohydrate nutrition. the predominance of chemical products
CONSEQUENCES - facial skin defects, acne
EXIT - nutritionist Alex Berg will give clear recommendations on nutrition. Will make a healthy lifestyle for you.
RESULT - the face will be cleansed after 10 - 14 days 



REASONS - heredity, not healthy nutrition, lack of motor activity
CONSEQUENCES - fatty hepatosis, pyelonephritis, kidney and liver stones, prostatitis in men
EXIT - the nutritionist will make a diet for recovery from illness
RESULT - restoration of the work of internal organs, fatty hepatosis passes, stones come out, male health is restored 



REASONS - everyone has their own diseases
CONSEQUENCES - violation of the quality of life
EXIT - a nutritionist in Bishkek will draw up an individual healthy lifestyle scheme to restore health
RESULT - diseases generally go away or health conditions improve significantly



REASONS - slagging of small vessels, cholesterol plaques
CONSEQUENCES - strokes and heart attacks after 40 years lead to paralysis or death. Access to the internal organs is difficult
EXIT - consultation of a nutritionist on proper nutrition. Until it's not too late...
RESULT - switching to the correct menu helps to lose weight and avoid stroke and heart attack 

GET ONLINE dietitian consultation
WhatsApp, Viber 
+996 700 737436

Sports Nutritionist Alex Berg

How is the consultation of a nutritionist online?

1. We will send you a questionnaire on WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436
2. You fill it out and send it to us
3. Based on this information, nutritionist Alex Berg will simulate a healthy lifestyle that is ideal for you. It will include the following recommendations

Proper nutrition

Individual power scheme

1. Several diet schemes for weight loss and weight fixation
2. A clear healthy eating plan - prohibited, permitted foods
3. Serving Weight
4. Methods and methods of cooking
5. Power Mode
6. How to apply all this to your lifestyle 

Physical exercise

Necessary and sufficient

1. We select individually, they will not strain
2. Weight Loss Exercises
3. Recreational walking
4. Gyms and paid loads will not be offered
5. If you are already attending a sports group I will give recommendations 

The psychology of a healthy lifestyle

Psychology of behavior in society

1. Behavior at work in the process of losing weight
2. Behavior among loved ones during weight loss
3. Stress Management - New Effective Techniques
4. Motivation for weight loss and healthy lifestyle 

Drinking mode

Water and Wellness

1. Prohibited and harmful drinks
2. Allowed fluids leading to weight loss and recovery
3. Is it possible to drink tea and coffee
4. Are fruit and vegetable juices useful?
5. Soup is a liquid or food 

Eating behavior

How to prevent food breakdowns

1. Eating behavior at work, among friends and family
2. Is it possible to go toi and banquets during weight loss
3. Vegetarianism, meat-eating - what is right
4. Is it possible to eat brown bread and pasta hard varieties
5. Evening and night zhor what to do 

Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest, how to

1. How sleep affects weight loss and healthy lifestyle
2. I can’t fall asleep what to do. Real work recommendations
3. No strength no matter what. How to be
4. How and where to spend a vacation
5. Rest once a week. Is it necessary and how to conduct 

ONLINE consultation DIETOLOGIST WhatsApp, Viber  WhatsApp +996 700 737436

WhatsApp, Viber 
+996 700 737436

Nutrition Consultation Results

Weight Loss and Wellness

Lose weight yourself

Lose weight at home

Lose weight easily and easily at home. You will learn to apply weight loss schemes for life

Weight will not go back

Weight Control Methods

You will forever deal with weight loss and weight management work programs. By following the principles of a healthy diet, you will fix weight for a lifetime

Body improvement

Wellness Program

The system of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity will improve and rejuvenate your body

Social status will increase

Respect, trust, friendship

When you lose weight, your appearance will change. Those around will appreciate a fit figure, a sporty lifestyle. Recognition and respect will come

Life under your control

Discipline and Achievement of Goals

You can control your life. This will allow us to achieve our goals in all areas of life - work, personal relationships. People feel inner strength and will obey you

The energy of action will appear

Energy will come, laziness will leave

ОImproving the body and a healthy lifestyle will increase your vitality many times over. You can do 2-3 times more tasks during the day than before. Laziness will leave, the joy of success will come

 WhatsApp, Viber  +996 700 737436

WhatsApp, Viber 
+996 700 737436

Certificates nutritionist Alex Berg


How I lost weight after taking ONLINE nutritionist


I have been full since childhood. I thought these were genes ... By the age of 19, I saw 72 kg on the scales. I realized that I need to do something. I made an appointment with a nutritionist.
There I found out that the reason for my weight is not genes, not a slow metabolism. I overeat all my life!
I had a weight loss program. Developed a diet for weight loss. Picked up exercise for weight loss.
Result - I lost 13 kg in 3 months. Now I weigh 59 kg.
I was taught how to adjust weight in case of its growth. Thank you, I am satisfied.

Sandra student
похудела на 20 кг

During pregnancy I gained 27 kg. I thought it would pass. I was able to throw 8 kg myself. And that’s all. The weight has risen. That just did not try. Nothing helped. I had to make an appointment with a nutritionist online.
Nutritionist Alex has been very attentive and competent. I examined in detail my whole life and especially during pregnancy. It turned out that the reason for weight gain was not proper nutrition and lack of motor activity.
I had a detailed weight loss program. Given my illnesses and lifestyle.
The result - the weight began to go away. Not very fast. But I myself chose a slow weight loss scheme. On average, 4-5 kg are consumed per month. What I am very pleased with. Thanks. 

Irina. Young mom
похудение для бухгалтеров

By the age of 39, I became the owner of 93 kg, constant shortness of breath, joint pain, and fatty liver hepatosis. Doctors set the task - to urgently lose weight.
I’ve been losing weight all my life, I’ve tried everything. Never managed to lose more than 1 kg. Moreover, it always returned more. I understood right away, I need a professional. I began to search.
A friend advised to enroll in a gym. Withstood 2 classes. I went to Herbalife. Generally zero result. I began to look for a nutritionist. I found a sports nutritionist Alex Berg. He works online
Not disappointed. Competent, with great practical experience. As I understood, the problem is nutrition and immobility. Alex delved into the routine of my life, illness, eating habits and movement. And he compiled an individual weight loss program for me personally.
It helped. For 2 months she lost 11.2 kg. What is a miracle for me. Thank you, super! 

Monica. Chief Accountant

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for a nutritionist
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TIPS OF THE DIETOLOGIST - lose weight correctly

Alex berg  Head of School of Weight Loss   WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436


Alex berg

Head of School of Weight Loss

WhatsApp, Viber +996 700 737436